The Family Andersson
AUTOR: Åke Nolemo & Johan Röklander
GATUNEK: Nordic Chamberlarp
SETTING: Dramat rodzinny
GNS: Narratywizm + Immersja
GRACZY: 8-10
CZAS: 2-3 godziny
UWAGI: Scenariusz w języku angielskim

The Family Andersson is a short game for 8-10 participants. The focus is on exploring relationships between family members and testing how a game functions when more than one players act the same part.
The Background of the Game

The game is about a group of siblings who have gathered in the home of their recently deceased parents to discuss the inheritance. The mother died a little over a month ago after suffering from a chronic illness. The father died a few days ago from a heart attack. The funeral has been settled. What remains to settled this afternoon are the 700.000,- which the parents have earmarked to an undesignated charity. It is also necessary to decide what will happen with the mansion. It must either be given to one of the siblings or be sold by the end of the year.

The siblings will also try to decide how to celebrate Christmas this year. They haven’t celebrated Christmas together for several years. But perhaps this year it is time to honor their parents?

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