The Magic Circle
AUTOR: Dominik "Dracan" Dembinski
SETTING: Teatr minimalistyczny
GNS: Immersjonizm
CZAS: 3-5h
UWAGI: Gra w języku angielskim

The goal of The Magic Circle is to create a clean, ritual form of theatre enhanced through putting it into a larp.
The larp gives the players an alibi to create fictional characters through which the art piece is experienced.
The theory behind it is that each actor plays facets of his own life and personality while acting. Changing the character of the actor changes the way he understands the art piece.

Practically speaking: You will draw a circle on the floor and play Shakespeare with your friends, while pretending to be somebody else. There will be no audience and you will improvise a lot. The following document explains the details and how this activity will become art.

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