Venus in Latex
AUTOR: Dominik "Dracan" Dembinski, Katarzyna "Krucza" Karpińska
SETTING: Magiczny realizm / Pornografia
GNS: Immersjonizm
CZAS: 4-7h
UWAGI: 18+, Larp w języku angielskim

Venus in Latex is an art larp about the production of an artistic porn movie, lousily inspired by the book Venus in Peltz by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and its film adaptation by Roman Polański. It’s part of the Urban Tribes larp tradition and as such depicts the crossroad between art, animalistic instincts and magic in the human everyday life.

Every character is played by a player identifying himself as the opposite gender – so generally men play women, women play men. In every other case (transgender, genderfluid etc) it’s the player’s decision which role model he identifies least with. The aim is to give the players the opportunity to experience a heavily tabooed situation from an entirely new point of view. The distance between character and player serves emotional comfort while playing sexual themes as well as giving an alibi to cross inner borders.

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