As Larp Grows Up – Knutepunkt 2003

Download „As Larp Grows Up – Knutepunkt 2003


    • Introduction


    • The Three Way Model
    • The Dogma 99 Manifesto
    • The Manifesto of the Turku School

That’s the larp!

    • Why do Bad Larps Happen to Good People?
    • The Meilahti School: Thoughts on Role-playing
    • Interaction: The Key Element of larp
    • Relation Theory
    • The Diegetic Rooms of Larp
    • Role-playing as Interactive Construction of Subjective Diegeses

The real world

    • The use of history in larp
    • Institutional development of Larp in Oslo
    • Play is Political
    • Learning by Fiction
    • Phantasmagorie, Simulacre and the Danger of Dragonlance
    • Larp as a Way to Enlightenment
    • Zen, Roleplay and Personal Expansion

Just do it!

    • Fuck the Audience
    • The Development of Ideas
    • Essentials of project management
    • The good character description
    • Three basic concepts for LARP organizers


The Lost Champerts

    • The multi-tier game immersion theory
    • Postmodernism