Beyond Role and Play – Solmukohta 2004

Beyond Role and Play PDF


    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • In Search of the Self: A Survey of the First 25 Years of Anglo-American RolePlaying Game Theory
    • Play to Love: Reading Victor Turner’s “Liminal to Liminoid, in Play, Flow, and Ritual; An Essay in Comparative Symbology”


    • Immersive Story: A View of Role-Played Drama
    • A Semiotic View on Diegesis Construction
    • Tilting at Windmills: The Theatricality of Role-Playing Games
    • Role-Playing: A Narrative Experience and a Mindset
    • Notes on Role-Playing Texts
    • Autonomous Identities: Immersion as a Tool for Exploring, Empowering and Emancipating Identities
    • The Character Interpretation: The Process Before the Immersion and the Game
    • On the Transmutation of Educational Role-Play: A Critical Reframing to the Role-Play in Order to Meet the Educational Demands
    • Deconstructing Larp Analysis or, “Let’s Recognize a Bias Where There Is One”


    • Character Design Fundamentals for Role-Playing Games
    • Narrative Function: A Larpwright’s Tool
    • Chaotic Role-Playing: Applying the Chaos Model of Organisations for Role-Playing
    • Genre, Style, Method and Focus: Typologies for Role-Playing Games
    • On the Importance of Body Language in Live-Action Role-play
    • Rules of Engagemen


    • “I Could a Tale Unfold Whose Lightest Word Would Harrow up Thy Soul”: Lessons from Hamlet
    • Post Panopticon
    • Temporary Utopias: The Political Reality of Fiction
    • Infinite Possibilities: Mellan Himmel och Hav From a Science Fiction Point of View
    • Creating Music for Live-Action Role-Play


    • Positive Power Drama: A Theoretical and Practical Approach on Emotive Larping
    • Participatory Education: What and Why
    • The Storyteller’s Manifesto
    • Battle Against Primitivism
    • Genesi: Larp Art, Basic Theories
    • About the Community of Role-Players