Dissecting Larp – Knutepunkt 2005

Dissecting Larp PDF


    • Knutepunkt and Nordic Live Role-playing: A crash course


    • Live Action Role Playing, Teaching through gaming
    • Lived Scenarios, Combining Role-playing and Design
    • School of Flour, Developing methodology through eight experimental larps
    • Testing Larp Theories and Methods, Results for Years Zero to One

On larpers and the larp scene

    • Danish larp in numbers  
    • Larp organizing and gender in Norway  
    • Profiling the larper, What is actually at stake  

Doing larp

    • Nothing is True; Everything is Permissible, Using Deception as a Productive Tool
    • Corresponding Expectations, Alternative Approaches to Enhanced Game Presence
    • Incentives as tools of larp dramaturgy
    • The Collective’s little red book, A step-by-step guide to arranging larps the collective way
    • Quantifying In-game economy, A contribution to the analysis of the in-game economy of larp events
    • The Process Model of Role-playing

For the afterthought

    • Real Magic