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Larp Politics – Systems, Theory, and Gender in Action – Knutepunkt 2016

Larp Politics PDF


The Game

  • “These but the trappings and the suits of woe”
  • Larp-poem 1905
  • A Trilogy of Power and Oppression
  • Larping to Resist
  • Saving the Baltic Sea with Larp

Systems & Change

  • Refugees Are Welcome
  • Playing Stress, Guilt and Identity – This Ain’t Politics, This Is Syria
  • Educational Larps for Political Studies
  • Infrastructural Games and Societal Play
  • Larp as a Tool

Theory: Politics & Larp

  • Rehearsing Difference
  • Where Can Political Larp Go?
  • Larp as a Form of Political Action
  • Political Larps, or Larps About Politics?
  • Playing at Work


  • Not a Real Man? My Body Is Political
  • Expression of Feminism in Larp
  • Gender and Historical Larps
  • Play the Gay Away