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Larp Realia – Analysis, Design, and Discussions of Nordic Larp – Knutepunkt 2016

Larp Realia PDF



  • Baltic Warriors
  • Alfa/Omega
  • Mad About the Boy and It’s a Man’s World
  • History, Characteristics and Design of the Psychodrama Scenario Larp Form
  • Larp as an Inspirational Tool
  • Genre, Context, and Characters as Elements of Narrativity in the Larp Fillos do Trono


  • Design Strategies for Discussion-Heavy Larps
  • Introducing Physical Violence to Larps
  • The Seven Steps Model
  • Seven Phases for Character Creation
  • Chronological Act Structure in Finnish Historical Larps
  • Create Your Own Larp Adventure
  • Designing Against Experiential Uncertainty
  • Larp and Prejudice
  • Happy Accidents in Space

Ongoing Discussion

  • “Pre-Bleed is totally a thing”Larp and Law
  • Notes on Agency and Design
  • Larp Is Like Hummus