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Larp, the Universe and Everything – Knutepunkt 2009

Larp, the Universe and Everything PDF


    • SCENE DOCUMENTATION: „A bilingual history of Latvian larp”
    • SCENE PLAY: „33 ways to have fun at a Latvian larp” by PLAY PERFORMANCE STATEMENT: „Towards a larp-acting culture: A manifesto”
    • EDUCATION DESIGN RESEARCH: „Elements of Harry Potter: Deconstructing an edu-larp”
    • SCENE PLAY DESIGN: „Ten comparisons between UK LRP and French GN”
    • EDUCATION DESIGN SCENE: „Larp in Kamensky forest”
    • EDUCATION SCENE RESEARCH: „Role-playing games and education in Brazil: how we do it” b
    • DESIGN DOCUMENTATION RESEARCH: „Notes on designing repeatable larps”
    • PERFORMANCE TABLETOP: „Tabletop RPG meets performing arts: Bringing pen & paper role-playing to the stage”
    • DOCUMENTATION: „Pix or didn’t happen”
    • DOCUMENTATION ART: „Britta Bergersen: The in-game photographer” Interviewed
    • PLAY: „Creating a character: A summary of a process with exercises and advice”
    • DOCUMENTATION RESEARCH TABLETOP: „Face and figuration in RPG play”
    • DESIGN SCENE STATEMENT: „The Vademecum of the Karstic Style”
    • DESIGN RESEARCH: „Philosophies and strategies of pervasive larp design”
    • PLAY STATEMENT: „Fun for everybody?”