Lifelike – Knutepunkt 2007

Lifelike – Knutepunkt 2007



    • Alive and Role playing
    • Stop saying “immersion”!
    • Immersion Revisited: Role-Playing as Interpretation and Narrative
    • Technologies of Experience
    • Role Conceptions and Role Consequences: Investigating the Different Consequences of Different Role Conceptions
    • Playing Beyond Facts: Immersion as a Transformation of Everydayness


    • Larp Experience Design
    • Breaking the Invisible Rules: Borderline Role-Playing
    • Testing Larp Theories and Methods: Results for Year Three
    • Larp as Complex Networks: Measurable Quantities of Larp and their Uses
    • Five Weeks of Rebellion: Designing Momentum
    • Social Play Modes in Momentum
    • Castle Caldwell – Redux!
    • The Bristol Manifesto
    • My Name is Jimbo the Orc
    • What Was the Story About: Poetics for Larp in Practice


    • Eye-Witness to the Illusion: An Essay on the Impossibility of 360° Role-Playing
    • The ”Bigger! Better! More!” Problem – and Thoughts on How to Solve It
    • Impact of Relationships on Games
    • The Norwegian Larp Archive


    • Warhammer Freestyle: Larp in Pedegogical Work
    • Confessions of a Schoolteacher: Experiences with Role-playing in Education
    • ’I Play Roles, Therefore I Am’: Placing Larp in a Broader Cultural Perspective
    • Larps and Their Cousins Through the Ages