Playground Worlds – Knutepunkt 2008

Creating and Evaluating Experiences of Role-Playing Games

Playground Worlds PDF


Section A: Journalism & Community

    • The Role-Players’ School: Østerskov Efterskole
    • Leave the Cat in the Box: Some Remarks on the Possibilities of Role-Playing Game Criticism
    • The Dragon Was the Least of It: Dragonbane and Larp as Ephemera and Ruin
    • Producing A Nice Evening
    • Design for Work Minimization
    • The Children of Treasure Trap: History and Trends of British Live Action Role-Play

Section B: Art & Design

    • Frail Realities: Design Process
    • High Resolution Larping: Enabling Subtlety at Totem and Beyond
    • Walking the White Road: A Trip into the Hobo Dream
    • Adventurous Romanticism: Enabling a Strong Adventurous Element in Larp
    • Exhuming Agabadan
    • The Nuts and Bolts of Jeepform
    • Behind the Façade of A Nice Evening with the Family
    • Stupid Stories:Using Narrativism in Designing Agerbørn
    • Levelling the Playing Field and Designing Interaction
    • The Age of Indulgence
    • Parlor Larps: A Study in Design

Section C: Research & Theory

    • 24 Hours in a Bomb Shelter: Player, Character and Immersion in Ground ZeroRole-Playing
    • We Are the Great Pretenders: Larp is Adult Pretend Play
    • Are You the Daddy? Comparing Fantasy Play in Children and Adults through Vivian Gussin Paley’s A Child’s Work
    • Kaprow’s Scions
    • Key Concepts in Forge Theory
    • Broadcast Culture Meets Role-Playing Culture
    • We Lost Our World and Made New Ones: Live Role-Playing in Modern Times
    • Fantasy and Medievalism in Role-Playing Games