Playing Reality – Knutepunkt 2010

Playing Reality PDF


The Workshop

    • Russian Larp History. The View from Saint Petersburg
    • Larp of a Thousand Faces. Applying Mythic Structure to Larp
    • Stories in Larp Revisited. Authoring, Management and Experiences
    • 8 Things I’d Like to Know. When Deciding to Go to Your Larp
    • 6 Common Mistakes. In Live Role-playing Design
    • Culture and Social Status in Larping
    • Larp Campaign Director’s A–Z
    • This Book, Replayed. An Exploration into Instruments of Play

The Assembly Hall

    • Projekt Prometheus. Alternate Reality Games in Civic Education
    • 1943. An Educational Larp Model?
    • Children of a Freedom Clock

The Tower

    • An Essay on Rapture
    • Action Translated to Music
    • Self-fulfillment

The Study

    • Larp-Idealism. Or: How Schiller Invented Larp
    • There You Are, There You Ain’t. On Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart
    • Contra-moral of Play. From Ethics of Game Toward Ethics of Playing
    • Reality is an Interpretation of Fantasy
    • Playing Against the Modern World? Role-playing Games in Late Modernity
    • How We Do Larps with Words. Characteristics of Larp Discourse
    • The Manifesto Manifesto

The Office

    • Playfulness vs. Structure. Learning from the Municipal Challenge
    • Time to Emigrate. A Road to Happiness?
    • Participatory education. From Conditioned Response and Resistance to Active Learning