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Shuffling the Deck – Knutepunkt 2017

Shuffling the Deck PDF


  • Shuffling the Deck
  • All Cards on the Table
  • Acknowledgements

Part I. Hearts – Designer and organiser reflections.

  • Lobbying for the Dead – Vampire larp at the European Parliament
  • Keeping the Candles Lit, When the Light Has Gone Out
  • Freak Show, an Autopsy
  • Immerton – A Society of Women
  • Just a Little Lovin’ USA 2017

Part II. Diamonds – Tools, tips and tricks for larp designers and organizers.

  • Safety and Calibration Design Tools and Their Uses – OK Check-In, Lookdown, Pronoun Correction
  • The Death of Hamlet – Deconstructing the Character in Enlightenment in Blood
  • Scripted Larps and a Neo-Noir Experience
  • Larp as Life
  • Designing the Volunteer Experience
  • Waiting Before the Beginning
  • The Operations Behind the Road Trip Experience

Part III. Clubs – Tools, tips and tricks for players.

  • Playing Nasty Characters
  • Play to Lift, not Just to Lose
  • Group Improvisation of Larp Rituals – A 30 Minute Workshop

Part IV. Spades – Larp analysis, discussion and reflection.

  • The Larp Domino Effect
  • Emergence, Iteration, and Reincorporation in Larp
  • The Narrative Experience
  • Let’s Play with Fire! Using Risk and its Power for Personal Transformation

Part V. Joker – Discussions and reflections on the larp community

  • Playing Safe?
  • A Seat at the Feasting Table – A Call for Inclusivity in International Larp


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  • About Knutpunkt/Knutepunkt/Knudepunkt/Solmukohta
  • About the ETC Press