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The Foundation Stone of Nordic Larp – Knutepunkt 2014

The Foundation Stone of Nordic Larp PDF



Nordic Larp Talks

    • Introduction to Nordic Larp
    • Transmitting a Political Vision Through Larp
    • Portraying Love and Trying New Genders
    • High Resolution Larping
    • Critical Strategies of Larp
    • On Games: Painting Life With Rules
    • Fabricating Madness
    • Can Playing Games Teach Us About War?
    • From Performing Arts to Larp
    • What does “Nordic Larp” Mean?

The Nordic Larp Community

    • A Community Shaped by Participation
    • An Introduction to the Nordic Player Culture
    • Knutepunkt — A Love Story

Essays from the Nordic Larp Discourse

    • Play to Love
    • Temporary Utopias
    • Lessons from Hamlet
    • High Resolution Larping
    • Eye-Witness to the Illusion
    • Social Reality in Roleplaying Games
    • Autonomous Identities
    • My Name is Jimbo the Orc
    • Rules of Engagement
    • The Nuts and Bolts of Jeepform
    • The Positive Negative Experience in Extreme Role-Playing
    • The Golden Rule of Larp
    • The Book of KAPO
    • Excavating AmerikA
    • Walking the White Road
    • 24 Hours in a Bomb Shelter
    • Post Panopticon
    • The Dragon Was the Least of It
    • Mad about the Bo
    • Prosopopeia — Playing on the Edge of Reality
    • Collective Realities
    • Larp and Aesthetic Responsibility
    • The Dogma 99 Manifesto
    • The Manifesto of the Turku School


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