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The Knudepunkt 2015 Companion Book – Knutepunkt 2015

The Knudepunkt 2015 Companion Book PDF
  • Foreword
  • 6 Levels of Substitution: The Behaviour Substitution Model
  • Behind the Larp Census: 29.751 Larpers Can’t (All) Be Wrong
  • Four Backstory Building Games You Can Play Anywhere!: Simple and Effective
  • Infinite Firing Squads: The Evolution of The Tribunal
  • Ingame or Offgame?: Towards a Typology of Frame Switching Between In-character and Out-of-character
  • Learning by Playing: Larp As a Teaching Method
  • Looking at You: Larp, Documentation and Being Watched
  • Now That We’ve Walked The Walk…: Some new additions to the larp vocabulary
  • On Publicity and Privacy: Or “How Do You Do Your Documentation?”
  • Painting larp: Using art terms for clarity
  • Processing Political Larps: Framing Larp Experiences with Strong Agendas
  • Safe Words: And How to Use Them
  • Steering For Immersion in Five Nordic Larps: A New Understanding of Eläytyminen
  • The Art of Steering: Bringing the Player and the Character Back Together
  • The Blockbuster Formula: Brute Force Design in The Monitor Celestra and College of Wizardry
  • The D-M creative agenda model: An axis instead of a pyramid
  • The Golden Cobra Challenge: Amateur-Friendly Pervasive Freeform Design
  • There is no Nordic larp: And yet we all know what it means
  • Workshop practice: A functional workshop structure method
  • Ending: The Larper’s Burden